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Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

What is LaunchX Clubs?

Our clubs program supports you in building an entrepreneurship club at your school. We hand our curriculum off to motivated and forward-thinking teens so you can build a startup throughout the school year, supported by our detailed programming, resources, and mentorship.

This is not a business plan competition. Your task is to create a real startup—to solve a real need in a differentiated way. The focus is on taking action, learning from results, and making changes to improve your chances of success.

This year we are empowering young entrepreneurs in over 250 schools. The early application deadline for the 2019-2020 club program is April 1. You can find the application here.

Who can start a LaunchX club?

High school students and administrators may start a LaunchX club at their school. The program is limited to high schools and we do not support starting a club at universities or middle schools at this time.

Who do I need involved to get a LaunchX club at my school?

The following key players need to be identified:

  • Club president
  • Faculty advisor
  • Student leadership team

What is the role of the club president?

The club president is the lead person in charge of the club and is the main point-of-contact for LaunchX. The LaunchX curriculum and resources are meant to support all of your club members, and we will be communicating directly with you in order to help you implement them in your club.

You’ll build excitement around entrepreneurship to build the entrepreneurial community in your school and recruit club members. You’ll also participate in our monthly leadership training webinars, designed to support you in teaching our materials and fostering entrepreneurship. You’ll get access to our course platform to guide club members through our curriculum.

As club president, it’s important that you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s even more important that you enjoy teaching others and helping them achieve success.

Is there a fee to start a club?

Club program fees go towards curriculum, events, and student grants to support your startups. Membership fees are determined by club size, and can be paid by members or by their school administration, depending on school norms. We recommend having at least 15 people in your club in order to get the most out of your LaunchX Clubs experience and program fees. If you are a Title 1 school and/ or receive free or reduced lunch, you may apply for a fee waiver.

Club fees are due on October 1st. If your club requires financial support, needs an invoice, is located outside of the US, your fees are due by September 1st. No exceptions will be made to these deadlines, so be sure to plan ahead! Payments must be made in aggregate for the school/ club. Please coordinate receiving payments from your club members to submit the program fee in one amount.

Teams that travel to regional and global demo day events are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs.

What are the requirements for club companies?

All team members must be enrolled in high school, though it is not required that your club be hosted at your school. Each team should include 3-6 founding members. Students cannot participate on multiple teams.

Club presidents and leadership team members are also encouraged to be on a company team (either together or with another co-founder group).

How long does LaunchX Clubs run?

The program runs from September through mid-March. Regional demo day events will take place in March and Global Demo Day will be held at MIT in May.

Video pitch submissions are due in the progress platform on March 12.

How do I win?

LaunchX Clubs is not a competition. There are no winners.

We do have regional demo day events in the spring to celebrate to progress of the teams and to provide support for them to continue building their startups. From these events, a few select teams will be invited to our Global Demo Day in May.

Teams attending the regional and global events will network with like-minded peer teams and receive feedback to progress their startups. Teams are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs.

What happens after the first year of a club?

If you continue your company beyond the first year, you’ll have the option to learn from the Continuing Teams Program materials and to apply for grants from LaunchX, as well as be provided with other resources to support your growth.

I'm a club president/ on the leadership team. Can I also start a company?

You can be on a team—in fact, it is encouraged! If you want to focus on your leadership responsibilities instead of being part of a co-founder team, this is okay too.

What are the Regional Demo Day events, and when are these happening?

Our Regional Demo Day events will celebrate student progress on their startups while providing them feedback and support to continue their growth. Join us at an event in your region to pitch your startup, get feedback from judges, hear great guest speakers, and connect with like-minded teen entrepreneurs.

Check out for more info.

How are Global Demo Day invitees selected?

The LaunchX team will select teams to participate at Global Demo Day from the regional events and from video pitch submissions on the progress platform (due March 12). While we encourage all students to attend a Regional Demo Day, we understand that this won’t be possible for all students, so you’ll be able to submit your pitch on the progress platform for your chance of being selected.

We’ll choose Global Demo Day invitees based on three things:

  • Opportunity Identification—Your team has identified a real unmet need for a specific customer segment through having done thorough market research directly with customers. You display a solid understanding of the customer’s drivers that underlie this need.

  • Proof of Solution & Traction—Your team has iterated many times to arrive at a solution that solves the burning need. You’re able to show that your customers care and are willing to pay.

  • Business Logistics—Your team shows a strong sense of your operations and financials, displayed through pricing, projections, and future plans. Your pitch lends credibility to your business viability.

This means that you should have done lots of market research and interviews, designed a solution in response to a customer need, tested your offering with customers to confirm that it truly solves that need. If you have successfully acquired customers and have strong business logistics in place, even better. We want to see real traction!

When and how can my club submit our pitches?

Teams are asked to submit their video pitch for two reasons—

  1. So that you can get feedback to help you continue to grow your business
  2. Because the LaunchX team will select teams to participate in our Global Demo Day event based on your pitch submission. If you do not submit your pitch, your team will not be selected to join us at Global Demo Day

Video pitch submissions are due on the LaunchX Clubs progress platform on March 12. If your team has not been using the progress platform, it is important that you begin using it as soon as possible, as there is other company information that you will be required to input, too.

For Educators

Why should I bring LaunchX to my school?

Entrepreneurship allows students to test their interest in different job functions and industries, while making an impact on something real. Our clubs program engages students in the entrepreneurial process, challenging them to build initiative, adaptability, and relationship skills necessary for their future.

Our clubs program helps students grow both personally and professionally through curriculum that targets 21st Century Skills and Social and Emotional Learning. See our educator’s page to learn more.

What is the role of the faculty advisor?

LaunchX’s clubs program is designed to be student-run, so your faculty sponsor will not be responsible for club planning. Their role will be to receive communications from LaunchX, to help students to build a culture of entrepreneurship, and to be present at meetings in an advising role.

Entrepreneurs have to be dedicated self-starters, so we encourage students to take the lead, guiding them with curriculum materials and trainings on how to implement these. This means no additional time out of your schedule for planning or grading—your role is to support the students as an advisor at meetings and an advocate within your school ecosystem.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment for faculty advisors is around one hour a week. We ask that you be present at club meetings—any additional support you can offer is bonus.

Can I use LaunchX materials for my classroom?

Absolutely! We want entrepreneurship education to be available to students everywhere.

You can purchase our student workbook on Amazon—we recommend this workbook for ideas on activities for teaching entrepreneurship in your classroom. We also hold periodic teacher training courses and workshops. Get in touch with us at for more information on how we can hold a workshop at your school.

Can you teach me how to teach entrepreneurship?


You can purchase our student workbook on Amazon—we recommend this workbook for ideas on activities for teaching entrepreneurship in your classroom. We also hold periodic teacher training courses and workshops. Get in touch with us at for more information on how we can hold a workshop at your school.

Get In Touch

How can I speak to a member of the LaunchX Clubs team?

The best way to connect with a member of the LaunchX Clubs team is by emailing us:

How can I connect with LaunchX Clubs on social media?

Follow us on social media—

Facebook: /launchxclubs

Twitter: @launchxclubs

Instagram: @launchxcubs

LinkedIn: /launchxclubs