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LaunchX Clubs Global Finalists

Each year, the teams who have made the most progress on their startups are chosen to attend our global demo day event

2018-2019 Global Finalists

The 2018-19 LaunchX Clubs school year theme was connected materials, and the teams below were the top teams across the hundreds of schools worldwide.

BallUp logo<


BallUp is a company that aims to bring together the community through a shared love of sports. Our mobile app allows users to easily find and plan pickup sports games in their area, with players who are of a similar skill level and age as them. We strive to make it easy for anyone to go out and play sports, even when none of their friends are available to play with.

Charge E logo<

Charge E

Entrepreneurs changing the world one step at a time. Introducing insoles—your sustainable energy connection to the world. Charge your phone from the energy of your footsteps. Your rechargeable power bank—anytime, anywhere.

Cloak Cases Logo<

Cloak Cases

Cloak Cases is a company that acts to eliminate the compromise between functionality and design in phone cases. For students and workers, Cloak is the convenient and cost-effective case for your phone while displaying the uniqueness of every customer. Our product is a phone case that has a detachable slide on the back, that allows you to change the backing of the case by simply clicking in or pulling off the backing.

Disolv logo<


Disolv is a company that is focused on resetting the consumer expectations for batteries. We use a solid state battery, which, in contrast to standard batteries, uses a solid electrolyte. While providing battery that lasts longer, our batteries are biodegradable, so they are environmentally friendly!

Ec-o-Straw logo<


Our mission is to reduce plastic pollution by bringing a natural product of daily use. We substituted the regular and wasteful plastic straw with a natural, reusable and handmade bamboo straw. By doing this, we reduce the time that it takes for straws decompose from 150 years to less than a year. We also added coated flavors to the straws and guaranteed the best customer service experience through integrated an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot.



One million tons of external power supplies are manufactured each year, but 60% end up in the landfill; we aim to slow down this pipeline by extending the life-cycle of these items. We offer a patent-pending easy-to-apply quick-drying non-toxic non-flammable formula that repairs frayed electrical chargers, wires and cables; this base formulation can be used in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. Visit us at to learn more.

EyeCane logo<


EyeCane is the future of mobility where our patented Intelligent Cane would empower millions of visually impaired individuals to effectively navigate both in outdoor and indoor environments. It replaces the use of expensive and ineffective haptic technology and outdoor tactile paving with cheaper thermoplastic paint lines.

GreenBox logo<


Global production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise over the past century, causing a formidable impact on our health and the environment. To combat this crisis, GreenBox delivers a user-friendly box of high-quality biodegradable or recyclable toiletries to people around the world on a subscription basis. Help us change the world, one box at a time!

Ludu logo<


Ludu connects visually impaired children with everyone around them. We do this by designing and assembling board games with mechanics playable by all.

MESI logo<


Water heaters are wasting money and electricity by remaining on at unnecessary times. MESI's solution is to give you control over your money and your appliance with a physical product and a smart-phone application. Invest $145 once, save $400 annually.

OmniTask logo<


OmniTask aims to strengthen bonds within neighborhoods by developing a platform in which people who need small jobs done and people who want to work can connect. They allow people of all ages 14+ (minors need parental permission) to earn money by completing listings posted on the app by others in their area.

OnTrack logo<


OnTrack is a productivity management startup that is dedicated to reducing procrastination and building long term discipline for young children and students. Using artificial intelligence, OnTrack tailors its anti-distraction software to be adaptive to each user's habits to ensure success.

Passiflora Powders logo<

Passiflora Powders

Passiflora Powders is a company committed with its vision of diminishing the impact of food wastage at a global scale and towards mitigating the rapid expiration of fruit products. The company is based upon the dehydration and pulverization of Caribbean fruits, especially those that won’t last long enough to reach the supermarket on time, with the purpose of increasing their lifespan from just a few days to almost six months. Furthermore, the biggest value of Passiflora Powders’ product is the versatility offered to [customers], as pulverized fruits do not have a single predefined use; from making healthy milkshakes to baby food, the applications for the product is only limited by the costumer’s imagination!

Proxima logo<


Proxima is an educational startup that aims to enrich children with the skills needed to qualify them to be true pioneers. By producing an educational toy that is based on many interactive methods, Proxima teaches children how to build their own codes. Proxima offers a great chance for parents—as customers—to let their kids learn more about programming and give off their inner innovation under the theme “Learning today, leading tomorrow.”

Recyclotron logo<


Recyclotron solves the problem of the recycling process, sorting and tracking. The team has built a fully operational prototype machine with proprietary developed machine learning algorithm that automatically identifies and classifies the waste item and places it to its appropriate recycling bin. The team has also developed and launched on Google Play Recyclotron mobile application that enables users to redeem points from recycling to purchase products from partner companies as well as to share progress towards improving the environment in social media; the app will also track recycling metrics and provide analytics for recycling locations.

rePET logo<


RePET is a plastic vessel aimed to provide sanitised drinkable water for individuals in LEDCs for off-grid household purposes. By incorporating the use of the SODIS method and type 1 PET plastic bottles, we strive to provide a solution to the water sanitisation crisis taking plastic into account in response to SDG 6 and 12. Currently, 2 NGOs (SHOFCO, WSV) and Keringet Mineral Water have expressed interest in partnering with our project.

SPE logo<


SPE aims to improve many of the problems and discomforts associated with the modern orthopedic cast. Through experimenting with various designs, consulting medical professionals, and conducting original research with various potential target markets, SPE has developed the revolutionary FlexCcast*, the only cast that takes everyone’s cast-phobia away for good.

STIKY logo<


STIKY is an app that helps reduce food waste in America. Our application scans QR codes which contain food names as well as their expiration dates, and this code is most effectively placed at the end of a supermarket receipt. STIKY is looking for a partnership with a supermarket that can provide this information in a QR code so that the application can be utilized.

SWiFi logo<


We create WiFi enabled products that enable home automation. We strive to make your lives easier by providing cost efficient and intuitive products, therefore saving you time, energy, and effort that should be going towards more important things.

YUMAC Solar logo<


We provide clean and affordable energy adapted to your needs.


2017-2018 Global Finalists

The 2017-18 LaunchX Clubs school year theme was environmental sustainability, and the teams below were the top teams across the hundreds of schools worldwide.



We offer affordable and effective water filtration with unprecedented accessibility and ease with our product, which is designed to extract physical contaminants from water bodies such as lakes, streams and rivers.

Traction: 4 NGO's have expressed interest



Hotels can now grow their own vegetables with KétoPlants, we provide a full-service vertical-farming system that fulfills their CSR values: growing sustainably, supporting the local community, and providing a branding strategy.

Traction: Several prototype iterations of mockup and 3D printing, plus secured beta testing with JW Marriott



Trofi is an e-Commerce platform where restaurant owners and livestock farmers can make connections to promote sustainable practices and reduce food waste. With this platform there will be an increase in convenience of transactions of “food waste” and greater outreach of this eco-friendly practice.

Traction: 50 clients, $400 funding / grants, and 4 strong partners



Solupal is a water soluble and biodegradable shopping bag that allows everyday shoppers to be environmentally conscious without a high commitment. Our bag provides users the ease of simply tossing it into the wash or in the trash knowing that it will leave zero waste.

Traction: $500 seed funding, 3 orders pending, product used at an event, and won 1st place at a trade show



“Water-less” soap designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses like a traditional hygiene product without the necessity of water.

Traction: multiple iterations of prototype



We plan to connect families attending the same school living near each other and allow them to create a co-driving plan within a few clicks on their phones. This will not only reduce the unnecessary traffic in front of our school but also save the parent's time and create tighter school communities.

Traction: multiple pilots, one school interested in being a paying customer



For young energy and money conscious adults, Autoplug is the electrical brand which delivers energy saving methods through an automatic smart socket. Our socket helps young, first time home owners who are learning to coordinate their energy bill.

Traction: 100 pre-orders, ~$1,500 revenue


Notable Notebooks

Notable’s mission is to reduce paper waste and advocate for environmental sustainability by helping people make simple, achievable lifestyle changes. Our waterproof, reusable notebooks can be written on with any Frixion™ pen, then erased with a damp cloth and then reused again!

Traction: Multiple prototype iterations, $350 revenue in the first week of offering


Swap Shop

Swap Shop is a subscription box of high-quality used kids clothing that hopes to reduce fashion waste. We provide families with an easy way to be eco-friendly, and give them a convenient way to get rid of their child's outgrown clothes.
Little clothes. Big Impact. Swap Shop.

Traction: raised inventory, tested the website, and sent initial boxes to beta customers


Sieni Containers

We hope to reduce America's waste epidemic by developing mycelium coffee cups with no environmental impact. For independent coffee shops, Sieni containers delivers biodegradable, compostable, heat-insulating, lightweight coffee cups through direct, monthly supplies.

Traction: pre-order of 200 cups for $70



EarthWindBox’s priority is to implement a green lifestyle for our Earth Warriors. While other companies urge large-scale changes from their consumers, we are able to reach our goal through minimal changes. Our unique approach to this is to include educational pamphlets along with our featured box.

Traction: 50 boxes sold, $750 profit, partnership with Method



Natrion makes the widespread use of renewable energy power grids feasible with its new sodium-ion battery. Using a revolutionary clay-based solid electrolyte, the battery greatly diminishes costs while providing superior safety, longevity, and performance to current lithium storage systems.

Traction: working prototype, patent-pending material


Nature Ice Pops

Nature Ice Pops is focused on making healthy ice pops to help people prevent diseases using tea as our main component. We are the brand of nutritional pops that help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle by delivering our products to different supermarkets and stores.

Traction: multiple full prototypes of their food product



SoundShare is a revolutionary file transfer system that uses high frequency sound waves to enable cross platform sharing.

Traction: working phone application, raised $1k on Kickstarter in 1 day (before closing it to focus elsewhere)



Flowi is the service for business owners which provides eco-friendly and real time advertising to shoppers across a large city center through the use of free Wifi; unlike other online advertising services, Flowi targets the right ads to the right customers using statistical learning.

Traction: 3 pre-orders, partnership to develop their wifi tech



StoClean is an energy-conserving stove attachment that alleviates various issues caused by smoke emission from cooking with biomass fuels that trouble countless people in developing countries.

Traction: 10 pre-orders of ~$150 value



Triton Technologies is developing a product that is meant to be used to clean waterborne pollution in bodies of water such as The Great Lakes. "Cleaning the Earth, one robot at a time."

Traction: Supported by the Alliance for the Great Lakes, $5k grant funding


Mold Controlled

Hurricane Harvey proved the need to limit flood damage. Students from HSPVA used their own difficulties with post-flood mold to create a preventative solution, Mold Controlled. The fungicidal tablet sanitizes flood water, preventing the growth of mold and bypassing the costly mold removal process.

Traction: multiple iterations of their scientifically based prototype



Mealmate provides busy college students with a mobile app allowing them to find healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes based on whatever ingredients they have on hand. Our app has a multitude of features providing the fastest and most customizable reverse-engineered cooking experience.

Traction: 250+ downloads of their app in the first few days, 4.6 star rating