LaunchX Clubs students collaborating about their startup

About LaunchX Clubs

By LaunchX Team

April 18, 2019

Our clubs program expands the reach of high school entrepreneurship to students and schools everywhere. We hand our curriculum off to motivated and forward-thinking teens so you can build a startup throughout the school year, supported by our detailed programming, resources, and mentorship.

This is not a business plan competition. Your task is to create a real startup—to solve a real need in a differentiated way. The focus is on taking action, learning from results, and making changes to improve your chances of success.

I always loved building something with my hands and entrepreneurship I think is the purest way of doing that - being able to create something from your garage - I think that's something that's crazy, but it really appeals to me for some reason.  Construction workers have to follow the architect's plan, but you stop at the building.  I realized that it was something that I really wanted to do - build a company.  My name is Shaheer and I'm a founder of Paz.

LaunchX's biggest impact on me is showing me that you really have to be fearless in your problem solving.  It's a series of iterations and testing and researching and prototyping to create that right answer for yourself instead of looking for an answer that's already in a textbook somewhere.

LaunchX Clubs allows high school students to start companies throughout the school year.  We provide the training, materials, mentorship, and support to allow your team to be able to make real progress.

One of the resources that LaunchX provides is an online instructor and that's always really useful because having a person to interact with is a huge help.

We had this idea but we didn't really know where to go with it and we didn't know anything about entrepreneurship and LaunchX provided us with a tool to learn about how entrepreneurship works and furthering our company and we felt like we were more educated and we could take our idea to the next level.  Our product focuses on gamification which basically turns recycling into a game. Our recycling bin tracks the amount of water bottles recycled to it and then sends that to your app on your phone which turns it into more of a competitive, fun activity.  At LaunchX demo day, we were pretty excited to see that we were finalists among all the high school LaunchX clubs and it really helped us validate our idea and boosted our confidence a lot.

It might be daunting but it's also incredibly exciting.  You're young, you have a lot of optimism, and you have a lot of vision, and you have a lot of time on your hands, and you can really put that together to bring your dream to life.  

Entrepreneurship used to be really foreign to me - completely unknown - but now it's a lot more like a native language. 

If you're the type of person that feels passionate about creating something then this is definitely the right activity for you.