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Help shape the next generation of innovators.  Join our community of impact-driven educators, technologists, and business experts giving back

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Like all entrepreneurs starting out, our students need the support of a community in order to navigate the entrepreneurial process, growing personally and professionally.

Whether you're volunteering for us as a mentor, giving to students as an industry sponsor or event venue host, or joining our team of full-time staff, you'll play an integral role in helping our students acheive their goals.


Volunteer Positions

LaunchX mentor volunteer position<

Club Mentor


While our curriculum and framework guide students through a disciplined process of starting companies, the skill and mindset are not enough to ensure their success. Like all entrepreneurs starting out, they need mentorship and guidance from people with more experience to turn to as they navigate the process.

Our LaunchX Clubs program guides students through the process of launching a startup over the course of the school year. As a club mentor, you’ll meet virtually with small teams of high school cofounders to offer specialized advice and feedback on their company, product, and business strategies.


1 - 3 hours/ month


September - April


Entrepreneur, MBA graduate, engineering/business degree holder, or otherwise qualified professional who has enough startup knowledge to guide teams on how to build a business. If you are a LaunchX alum, you may apply without additional professional experience.

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